Leonard "Len" Breen
Born Kew, Melbourne, VIC   10.12.1909
Died Dee Why Beach, NSW   3.11.1942

He was 32 years old when he died. He was my father.


L Breen RAAF #3293


'Big Len' - Len Breen

This website is dedicated to my father.

It is a working site that I will build up with as much information as I can find.

I aim to include information about his / our family and his life including his career as an airman in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

I have recently added some information from his 'Flying Log' and details of aircraft and duty. More to follow.

I refer to my father as 'Big Len'. I never knew him and I don't know whether he ever knew that I was on the way, my mother was only two months pregnant with me when he died, so I always had difficulty in referring to him as the more familiar 'Father' or 'Dad'.

Seven pages are now active; but please stand by for the additions.

If you have any interest in the story of 'Big Len' please feel free to email me at:


To view the website of Big Len's son and biographer, the outsider, 'Minor Len', please go to: